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About Me

About Me

I grew up helping my dad - a mortgage broker of 30 years' standing - with admin work. I'd ask a million questions to understand what he did and why. I wanted to know everything. I saw how he helped people not only get on the property ladder but improve their lives, sometimes dramatically.

In the end, his decades of knowledge and experience - and the smiles his clients always walked away with - made me realise that I wanted to build a similar career for myself, and help my own clients to buy their dream homes.

So I worked hard and achieved my Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice. And now I'm a professional, qualified whole-of-market mortgage broker, and part of the highly experienced team at UKFCS Mortgage Specialists.

As well as learning from my dad and building my own experience in the industry, I've been in the same position you might be in now: feeling a bit scared and needing to speak to an expert about my own mortgage, and facing what feels like a ton of forms full of confusing industry jargon.

That broker - naturally, my dad - showed me the best product in the whole market. It felt very good to know that I was in safe hands, being looked after by an expert.

Having been through the process myself as a first-time buyer, I know what it feels like, so if that's how you're feeling now, don't worry.

I'm highly experienced in people-focused roles, and will very quickly put you at ease and explain the whole process. I'm with you every step of the way, and will give you tailored advice to suit your specific financial needs.

And because UKFCS Mortgage Specialists is an independent whole-of-market broker, I can uncover exclusive mortgages and the best rates which you - or other mortgage advisor services, for that matter - wouldn't be able to find yourself (independent means you're our priority, not shareholders or a parent company).

Perhaps your situation is quite complicated, and you're not sure of the best way to deal with it yourself. No problem - I'll help you through it.

I'm always available for urgent problems. If you're exceptionally busy, the whole process can even be completed over the phone.

For impartial information and expert advice, get in touch today.

my direct number is 01892 278 381

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